Saturday, August 05, 2006



---We all know that the Message is To Love. We know that Love is the best thing around. If you don't know this, then you probably have never experienced real Love. My suggestion to you is to be Loving and not so self - concerned, as you have probably thought that Love is some kind of special feeling you deserve, or not, according to some ill conceived notion, instead a natural response to the flow of life.
---It is all about Love. If we meet someone who personifies this, we tend to put him on a pedestal. But, there are others who do not put this person on a pedestal. Then, we think it's our duty to ignore this Someones advice about Loving this other person, and tend to want to shove this Someone and our own interpretation down his throat. We think this is Loving. This is more ''ignorant'' love than tough love, if in fact that exists. We get angry if the other doesn't see things our way. We are angry if the other doesn't ''get'' it. We somehow think that the other should be taking our ''misinterpretation'' on ''faith.'' It is a form of DOING WHAT IS WRONG and THINKING IT'S RIGHT.
---Instead of Loving the OTHER - WHO MAY NEED OUR LOVE, we think we have to DEFEND this being who speaks of Love. To truly be a follower, it seems we should learn the ways of Love and NOT how to try and defend he who doesn't need our defense. If He speaks of Loving enemies, why do we deem it correct not to? If we are asked to Love, why do we go do the opposite - and think this is what He meant?
---We say that we are being Loving when are being violent. We somehow see it as the right way to be. We justify this, somehow. Instead of being Loving we justify being violent and think that wiping out His enemies, who He Loves, is Okay. We should work toward being on the same page with Him, and LOVE. Don't Be VIOLENT!!

''Let The Mind Go Quiet And Still.'' - MEDITATE
Love Is Found By The Quiet Mind, Not The Violent

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