Friday, January 04, 2008



---Somehow, most of us believe we will be judged for what we do. The way which we think about this is incorrect. Most of us think of it in terms, where we stand in front of God and He rattles off most of what we have done, and how WRONG we were. He is just ''waiting'' for us to mess-up, so He can ''squash'' us. And after that, He sends us off to Hell. I know this is very SIMPLISTIC, but their are a lot of people who see it, more or less, this way. This is not quite right.
---Have you ever noticed that, God thinks basically the same way you do? If you think something is right than we somehow think it is right and God must see it that way, too. If we think something is wrong than God must think it is wrong, too. God judges things like we do. Even if we do wrong things according to the way we or God sees it, they are right or wrong. We seem to ''project'' what we think God IS SUPPOSED TO THINK, a lot.
---I think it happens this way - If we do wrong, [wrong somebody] then when the memory of that event is seen in accord to the way things are, we may NOT feel too good, or guiltier and guiltier, depending how wrong we see it, is. We learn lessons from what we do and Perfect, accordingly. We do the right thing, because we see it the right way, eventually.
---If there is any suffering, it is due to the fact that we are holding on to the wrong way of seeing it. We are not learning the lesson[s] we are supposed to. It is not a punishment, but if we are really stubborn and insist that WRONG way is the CORRECT way and insist that we have no more to learn, WHEN INDEED WE DO, than it may appear [feel] like a punishment. In reality, we are refusing to learn from what we do, or did.
----There is no judgment but our own, but if you don't see it correctly, you will be aware of ''How you see it,'' in comparison to the ''right'' way, and feel what is for you to feel to best get you to learn from it. If your act or acts were not of LOVE, you will be aware of that fact, and it may not be pleasant. When we do acts of LOVE, we are made aware of those, also. When you see it ALL as LOVE than you have the Beatific Vision, as it were. As Krishnamurti may say,''For you, LIFE is transformed.''
It Is ALL About LOVE
''Judge, And Ye SHALL Be Judged''

I Hope It Makes Some Kind Of Sense.
Don't Judge and you WON'T BE JUDGED. It Works Better That Way.
Paul H. Talks, Stroke Talk -
JUDGING is something HUMANS DO!