Wednesday, August 15, 2012


EGO Edging God Out

---What is Unconditional Love? It is Love with no conditions. You are Loved as you are. There is Nothing one has to do to ''earn'' this Love. One is simply Loved as he or she is. One can even say, one is Accepted and Acceptable, because one is. This is a true statement and doesn't take anything into account, as that would be a condition. Everything I have written is A FACT. One doesn't need an accompanying FEELING for this to be TRUE.
---This kind of Love is attributed to God or something that does not judge you. It is the kind of Love that Loves you and who you are and sees what you may have done as something you are working on [the details if you will].
---We ALL fall into this category, and are Loved Unconditonally. We are always Loved Unconditionally. Everyone else is Loved Unconditionally. There is no one that falls outside of this. That is the way it is. Here is the ''rub.'' We can ''feel'' we are outside of this Love.
---As an analogy, to make this clear, we will think of the Sun shining. It is a sunny day. Now we can choose to be in the sunshine or not. We can go behind a tree, go inside, etc. Somewhere the sun is not shining. We can get out of the sunshine.
---It is the same with Love. We can be where the Love is or go to places where we can not see the Love shine. It must be noted here that the Love, like the sun, may be shining, but we have ''CHOSEN'' not to be in it. We also CANNOT ''BLAME'' the sun for not giving us a tan if we are not in it. If we spend our time in the shade, we cut down on the amount of the sun we experience. We must also understand that the Love shines everywhere, it is us who can or cannot see ''IT'' in All situations and circumstances. Learning the ways of Love reaps benefits.
---Many of us seem to have given this Unconditional Love some kind of personality that we have projected on ''IT'' and then we think ''IT'' doesn't Love us or even Like us very much. This is not True. It is ALL About LOVE. I think we have to learn to de-personalitize this Unconditional Love for us to see It in All its Glory. I read somewhere,''get to Know Yourself and you will get to know what God is All about.'' God Is LOVE. I find that the more I understand myself, the easier it is to see the difference between the Ego and God. E-dging G-od O-ut. Be Well.
(The EGO and Edging God Out is just wordplay. The fact that life is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the only thing with which to be concerned.)