Sunday, November 23, 2014

The TRUTH of the MATTER!

''Yep! Most times it's NO more complicated than our own tails!''

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

MEANING of LIFE - Sequel (picwise)

''I wonder if there are any CATs in space?''

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


''You see...CATs don't worry if they succeed or fail! They're CATs!''

Sunday, October 05, 2014


''You do realize that HUMANs are the ones with the problems? CATs + COWs are fine.''

Sunday, September 28, 2014


What Realization Helps Us Stop Hating Others?

---You can have one realization that stops you from disliking other people. It is the realization that keeps others off of any negative list we may have. Realization: You don’t hate or dislike the other person or people, but hate or dislike the behavior that is used.

---When you look into this a bit more deeply we find that it is generally the behavior or attitude of other people (or our own) that causes ALL the problems. That’s what we find ourselves reacting to.

---To go a step further into this cave…we find that the values one has, directs what attitudes + behaviors the person uses. If the values change, than usually the attitudes + behaviors change.

---Attitudes + behaviors can be like coats folks put-on or take-off. If someone is doing something we don’t particularly like or saying something we find irritating they are probably wearing a garment from ‘’His Own Values Store’’ that we don’t like. The opposite is true if we find we like something.

---If we want to make changes in our attitudes and behaviors - we have to make changes in the values to insure any lasting changes are made. Peoples values are difficult to mess with as they reflect how they believe life works and are set very deeply inside. Wherever one truly finds himself in this crazy thing we call life and living PROBABLY/UNDOUBTEDLY has a value system that backs it up. And…it was PROBABLY/UNDOUBTEDLY set in place by a deep-seated reason why it is there. If we want the best for others than we will undoubtedly think good thoughts. If we don’t want what is best for others and treat them negatively, we will probably find that the way we have been treating others is the way we ’’are and will be’’ treated - negatively. It will be this way until…we make a positive change in our values…to remedy the situation. That’s why it pays well to treat others kindly or find out why we don‘t. Check your values! This could be the most important thing that you have ever done. Be Well.

(You will find positive values take root much easier than anything negative...if you tend to be positive)

Saturday, August 09, 2014


''We ALL Love One Another; We're Just Working Out The Details''

 ---What do I mean when I say this? As a matter of fact I tell folks that this is my personal philosophy. It seems that it isn't as obvious to others as I thought.

---We must break it down into two parts. We ALL love one another. That in itself seems ludicrous. I can give a list of people that I don't love...or even like very much. People go from there usually giving me a quick list of different world leaders who were the cause of much suffering, death + destruction. How can I possibly love them. They can be outraged at me for even suggesting that.

---I have to break it down a bit further. I believe that LOVE exists whether we feel it or not. Whether anyone feels it or not. LOVE is always is just that most folks don't know how to access it. The problem that I see is this; folks for the most part are waiting to be loved and are not loving. They may think that they are, but self-concern + saving face runs the show. They are, usually, busy TRYING to get their needs + preferences met. Because of this backwards approach (if you will,) folks end up waiting to be loved instead of being loving. I see this as being the real problem...but, that is, then, hence its solution.

---We must be loving for this process to work. If we wait around to be loved and are NOT being loving – we then have the process backwards. If we wait to feel love first, we may just wait forever (a long, long time.) You will wait as long as it takes for you to learn that it works the other way.

---''To FEEL LOVE, YOU MUST BE LOVING.'' The other way doesn't work. It is like waiting to be perfect before you act. It is one thing to get your act together, but waiting to be perfect FIRST will not work. Too many semantics and interpretations to concern yourself with before you can declare that that has indeed happened AND you are now perfect. (Ask your mother, wife or sister to weigh-in on the subject...if you are getting too full of yourself.) Husbands, in general, if smart...won't answer that or just will not truthfully know what you're talking about.

---The second half of that statement - working out the details...come into play in the fact that many, many have still got it backwards and complain so much and so loudly and wonder why it doesn't work. Some folks have a lot invested in its being the other (wrong) way AND they belligerently insist that it does indeed work the other (wrong) way...even when they may NOT realize what it is that they are really doing.

---Folks go to war over the fact that they have this backwards...instead of simply realizing that they must love first. Many relationships go sour, because of faulty logic. A lot of time is spent on trying to see eye-to-eye before love is even considered. That, once again is CONDITIONAL LOVE and NOT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Instead of being love only those that see things as you do. The DETAILS are KILLING US  in this way.
Love is a FACT...NOT JUST A FEELING. Act accordingly. Be Well.

The saying now changes to:

''We ALL Love One Another; we are simply + gently working out the details''

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014


Maybe: A Focus Change

---I have a friend who I think is representative of many people…nowadays. He is very focused on what is wrong with most things and how corrupt things can tend to be. Every silver lining has an even darker cloud in its wake.

---He allows this focus to govern his mood and he becomes a virtual victim to this example of corruption that the article or story seems to depict. He doesn’t see any end to this or any light at the end of this tunnel. Every story seems to be another example of ‘man’s inhumanity to man.’

---This seems to be the way an ‘eye-for-eye’ turns out. If we do that, then our fate is well-documented. ‘’Screw over the other guy BEFORE he screws over you‘’…seems the mindset that drives this engine. You find yourself with a suspicious mindset that just waits for a mistake to be made that justifies this way of thinking. Believe me, This is not the only way to think.

---The answer to this may NOT be what you want to hear…BUT, it is very simple in thought and deed. We have to begin with ourselves AND be sure we are not causing others to be victims of how we behave. We have to be true to what we believe and how we see things...AND act accordingly. We have to be sure that our behavior is, also, not part of the problem.

---’’We have to treat one another like we want to be treated.’’ (The Golden Rule.) ‘’To cheer ourselves up, we cheer someone else up.’’ (Mark Twain.) There are many others that fit into here.

---When one puts the well-being of the other guy, FIRST, and thinks with the mindset of, ''when the team benefits...I benefit, also - even if I happen to bat 'clean-up.’ ''

---When you find yourself competing + comparing yourself to others, you can bet there is something wrong somewhere. We are ALL in this together. Rising at the expense of another is not going to get you far. Rising up as a result of the whole team truly rising…is much, more what it is about. Be Well.

We find who we really are ourselves when we learn to genuinely relate to others.