Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why Is Breaking Up So Hard To Do?

Why Is Breaking Up So Hard To Do?
---An easy answer seems to be that we are unable to live in the same realm that we do when the other is involved. We seem to need the other person’s involvement to attain the place that we want to be. He or she brings the necessary ingredient to us to reach heights we can’t seem to reach on our own.

---To use my situation as an example (Of MICE and MEN) ‘’I cannot eat w/utensils with either hand, but together I am able to use utensils.’’ The two hands together are able to do something that I am NOT able to do with either hand, because of the stroke. The video - Of MICE and MEN! (Click)

---Since, the quality of my life is wrapped up in the fact that I am able to eat w/utensils…both hands are necessary to achieve this.

---If we expand the relationship of both hands working in a partnership for a common goal, we see that this relationship is much the same as any relationship. Two ‘get’ together to create a third. I’ve talked about this at other times. I’m sure that you are able to see how this works identically in relationships you are in. It is the blueprint for every positive relationship that exists. This is the way that we have populated the planet.

---Oh, yeah…the answer to the question. One depends on the other to achieve a state unreachable on his own. The other becomes necessary if the goal is to be reached. Two ‘beget’ the Third. The stroke made it impossible for my right-hand to go it alone. Also, this is the same reason that all of us have something or other we are dealing with. Take Care.