Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Occupying the SELF

---A natural offshoot of the Occupy movement seems to eventually be that we learn to occupy the self. Through the occupy movement as it now stands, we see a movement toward the occupiers themselves becoming more aware of their own needs and preferences. Each citizen is discovering who he is…and THAT is very valuable.

---Though there will be some who only scratch the surface of who they really are…and STOP! There will be others who will glimpse what is contained within. They will find the greatness that is in there…and be changed by it all.  


GLIMPSED – To be UNDERSTOOD in the twinkling of an eye.

---We understand that WELLNESS is a fact that there exists an energy that we ALL have access to…THAT MAKES US WELL.  Those who have the eyes and ears to see it…they will understand that this IS the LIFE Force or LOVE Energy…that we speak of. Within everyone exists a situation that heals mind, body and/or spirit – and that is the whole of what to know. When we have a wound or cut –  we know that it will heal – AND, we know that everyone has access to it.

---They will realize that they have stumbled upon their true home and as quick as you know…they will move in.

---They will recognize that all is contained within and it is preferable to stay there. You are able to negotiate a way to bring your home with you wherever you go. You can live your life from an optimal spot and real living has transformed itself as being your life. CONGRATULATIONS!

Monday, July 29, 2013



---In my estimation…there are those who are happier the sadder that you are. They are the same folks that are sad when you are happy. These people have yet to find any real value in their lives. They aren’t your friends. They, probably, have trouble being anybody’s REAL friend (except friends with others who LAUGH at others.) AND, to top it off...they usually talk about each other behind their backs. 

---I think that those who are sad when you’re sad and happy when you are happy. Then it is more about FRIENDSHIP. THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS.