Friday, June 05, 2009

The - ''ICEBERGs''


---We view Icebergs floating in the water, probably an ocean and very cold. The icebergs collect more ice and becomes more massive the colder the water. The opposite is true as the water becomes warmer.
---We see that each ''iceberg'' is different, having its own shape, size, height, depth, weight etc. We see that each iceberg can really be distinguished from the other.
---We are like ''Icebergs.'' We have different charactaristics. But, each ''iceberg'' is really only WATER. That is the Life Principle. It is the Love Energy, the Creative Principle, if you will.
---We are ALL made of the same stuff, just proportioned, differently. The LOVE Energy, just as the water in the ''iceberg,'' is The Prime Mover. That which we call God, is definitely The Love ''WITHIN'' His or Its own CREATION. '''It is closer than our hands and feet.''

In This Analogy - ''We Are The Icebergs, LOVE (GOD) Is The Water.''