Friday, March 07, 2008

The ''EXPERIENCE'' Itself


---I have spoken a bit of the fact that something happened on that October, Saturday, 1976, but have really not elucidated. This is the night when it all changed for me, the night I discovered It Is ALL About LOVE. This was a NEW beginning.
---On that particular evening, I could see that everything revolves and is about LOVE. I really did believe that everyone else knew this, especially since it is so obvious. I thought that I was just catching on. As a matter of fact I was embarassed at the way I had been living my Life up until that point, as it seemed a bit abominating. If it is ALL About LOVE, what am I doing- Hiding my hand and everything?
---This date shows me that my parents had both passed away, I was earning my Living ad-libbing Comedy on stage. Strange as it will sound, my parents passing seemed a relief to me. I no longer felt that I had to ''perform'' for them, and the person I was, was more the Real Me. I, actually, felt I was re-inventing myself, but soon found out that I was playing a larger version of ''much the same game.''
---Life ''Perfects'' You. You Don't Have To TRY So Hard.
---I really had been doing my ''Best'' for the most part, anyway. Doing more of ''much the same,'' was in store. Hint: Living is about ''Perfecting'' you. You don't have to ''Perfect'' yourself to Live. This is where I went wrong - a lot. Most of my bad times, will fit into this category.
---The thing that was different now, was that I knew, and I know. It is about - LOVE. Everything was about LOVE. I want to say here, that that is a FACT. The FEELING does NOT have to be there, for this to be A FACT. Don't worry about the FEELING...that may come in time. Even though I know it is ALL About LOVE, I am learning that it is different in every situation. People still have their own INTERPRETATION, but it is alright. I'm just learning to keep on course and KNOW. I try to be Loving and True to who I am, in all circumstances. I would like for nothing better than for everyone to be happier. Truly Happier.

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