Wednesday, February 14, 2007

LOVE Is A Fact, NOT A Feeling


---Love is a fact. To get the most from it, it must be understood as a fact. Any feelings that may be involved are ‘’second-in-line.’’ If you are waiting to feel loved first, you may be waiting a long time.
---We have all heard many times that, ‘’All We Need Is Love,'' etc., from many different people, from many walks of life, from many different disciplines…that it is ALL about LOVE. I’d even go so far as to say, most of us are sick of hearing this. ‘’It’s a nice thought and all, a nice sentiment but let’s move on. I think most of us are tired of it.’’
---I will say here, is that the only reason we want to do something else, is because we are looking to ‘’feel’’ loved, instead of being loving. It is the same dynamic as, ‘’To Have A Friend, Be A Friend.’’ We have to love, to feel love. If it is Love on the feelings level we are looking for.
---Do you see the distinction? You are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY, no matter what you may say or do on God’s great, green Earth. But, if you want to feel this fact, you must LOVE. And that is the bottom-line.
---This is why we have ALL heard ad finitum I’m sure, ‘’Love and you will be Loved,’’ or the ever-popular, ‘’God helps those who help themselves.’’ [Which I Will Bet We Have Heard USED Wrongly And In The Wrong Context, As Many Times As Right.]
LOVE is like the SUN that Shines. We are NOT tanned in the shade.
---Love is like the sun that shines. We are tanned, if we are in it. We are NOT tanned, if we stay in the shade.
---As I said earlier-if we are waiting around until we ‘’feel’’ Loved, we may be waiting and waiting and waiting ad finitum. [A Long, Long Time.] Be Well.

''To Cheer Yourself Up, Cheer Someone Else Up.''
Mark Twain

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