Friday, February 05, 2016

A POEM - What LOVE Could Be...

What LOVE Could Be If
SAVING FACE Wasn't Around
To Ruin It?!

If We Weren’t So Worried
About How We Look

Or, What People Think Of

What It Is We Do;
This Is The Kind of Freedom
That Would Ensue

It Is The Self We Express
In Front of the Mirror
When NO One Is Watching
And We Think We Are Alone
And ALL Is Well!

It’s That Spark of Craziness
That We Express
When There is NO One Present
To Comment:

We Are So Used To Being Judged
And Reviewed
That We Only Choose To Do Things
That Make Us Look Good
GOD FORBID We Ever Look Bad
And Others See Us Be Vulnerable

Freedom To Express
How We Really Feel
Seems A Luxury;
To Physically Express
Doesn’t Happen Too Often;
Saving Face Comes In Around Here
And KEEPS Us In Check Very Well

The Day We Are NOT Worried With
How We Look
And How Well We Are Doing
Is The Day the GOATS At The Farm
Serve Me Dinner!

But, That May Also Be The Day
I Talk Patient POINT OF VIEW
With Someone Who HEARS Me
AND Finally,


(The Last Stanza Above Can Be Substituted
By Anything That Makes Sense To You,
But May Sound Absurd To Most,
But You Still think That The
Final Outcome
Will Prove Fruitful!)

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